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Re: [BKARTS] ecpnomical alternatives

Further, has anyone ever tried to make paper out of laundry lint?
> This seems a reasonable question.  After all, what is rag paper?

  Hi Jet and all,
                            Thankyou so much for this wonderful List, being
a bit of a Lurker here I am enjoying all the input from this group...    yep
Dryer lint will make great paper, as long as it is cotton fluff  ie,
cellulose.     The process of making paper out of it is that it needs alot
of beating in a Hollander ( A machine invented in the 17th Century)  to make
the fibers bond together, by itself it just makes a weak sheet that just
falls apart.     Beaten properly cotton fibres make paper of incredible
strength which can then be worked into leatherlike textures... lots of fun.

     I collect rags from the local mission shops, they save all the ripped,
stained,  and threadbare bedsheets just for me, all colors, I cut it into
one inch squares and then into the Hollanders for papermaking.. quite an art
in its own right.  Four to eight hour of beating, beating and more beating!
I use the papers for Arty stuff,   Letterpress, woodcuts, installations etc.
I've got alot to learn about making books though, I have done some not so
'Perfect' Binding on my bandsaw which I enjoyed.

   At the moment I am constructing equipment, (Hollander, Moulds and deckles
etc. )  for a Special needs class of 10 in Michigan USA,  they want to learn
papermaking and then to teach the rest of their school of  550 pupils how to
make their own Journals, how cool is that.

   Thanks from Mark in Loburn,   New Zealand,  Brr... last stop before

www.marklander.com   site still getting updated, it disappeared a couple of
weeks ago!

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