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[BKARTS] MLIS student researching artist book cataloging

I am a library science student currently enrolled in a Research Methods
course, and I am particularly interested in the issue of cataloging artists'
books. However, I am encountering a dearth of relevant literature; thus far,
I have identified only the several Drucker articles in *Bonefolder*, Nina
Schneider's 2006 RBMS presentation, a manual published by ARLIS-UK, and a
similar question posted by a student in a similar situation to the BKARTS
listserv several years ago (which met with very limited response, as well
may my own query, but I thought I would make the attempt nonetheless). I
also emailed the individual who presented the AB cataloging workshop at this
year's ARLIS conference (I was unable to attend) but was unable to establish

Collective Wisdom, can you point me in the right direction and help counter
the slim-to-null hits that database-searching is thus-far engendering, or is
this thorny topic simply one that has as of yet been only glancingly
addressed in the scholarly literature? While the subject is dear to my
personal and professional interests, I must decide quickly whether or not to
abandon it and select something that will yield a heartier literature

My sincere thanks, a happy memorial day to all, and please excuse


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