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Re: [BKARTS] Outsourcing Mold Management - and other mold issues

Hello All -  Thank you for this very interesting discussion.  Bob - to
answer your question first: We have 112 ft of a collection from a
cemetery that we will be sending out for cleaning. The archivist and I
assessed this collection separately and became incredibly sick with the
same symptoms, thus the outsourcing. We are using American Freeze Dry
Operations in Deptford, New Jersey (we are in Philadelphia). Their
contact is: 856.939.8160 They will be using Sporicidin Brand Disinfectant
Towelettes and Oxine to clean this collection. I have done some
preliminary research on both of these and found no giant warning signs.
Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on either of these?  My
second question is: those of you working with special collections, what
is your policy about moldy collections?  When is the line drawn on
keeping material or xeroxing and discarding? What are the criteria for
making that decision? We have a mold room and money for two mold "elves"
(in full tyvek suits, respirator, masks etc.), to clean (vacuum) specific
collections on a part time basis. But one of them has now developed a
suspicious rash despite all precautions. We wonder how effective this
type of cleaning is and what are the long term effects on the collections
and the people (archivists, conservators and researchers) who come in
contact with these items.  Any and all thoughts would be much
appreciated.  Thanks, Tara

  Hi, All.
  I know someone with a very moldy book... Black spores throughout.
  Is there an outfit you'd recommend for treating this?
  Eastern TN

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