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Re: [BKARTS] halftone polymer plate printing


 If you are talking about letterpress printing using polymer plates for
halftones, there are many factors to consider, perhaps chief among them the
type of paper. Smoother paper is much better for halftones, but even at its
highest quality, letterpress will not print imagery as well  as offset
lithography, which is one of the main reasons that offset is now the
commercial print medium of choice. However, offset printing would be
prohibitively expensive in such small quantities (50). Other considerations
with polymer are the number of colors, which will require registration, the
type of press and experience of the printer. Many variables, maybe too many
for such a short run.

I recommend good quality, archival ink jet. You will get the best rendition
of the imagery that way, and you have choices on paper. If you use inkjet
coated paper, you'll get the best color and detail.

Katie Harper

Katie Harper
Design Strategies & Letterpress Solutions
Fort Smith, AR 72903

If you supply the Why, The How takes care of itself.
?Howard Fine

On 5/28/09 12:58 PM, "Lindsey Mears" <lindseymears@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm writing to ask about image quality in halftone polymer plates. The
> artist I'm working with has ink and watercolor wash drawings that will be
> reproduced in an edition of 50, sized about 4" x 6". I understand that a
> halftone screen of 100-133 LPI is the finest size recommended for polymer
> plates. My questions for you, dear list, are: how well do watercolor washes
> translate to polymer? Does anyone have images you could send me off-list of
> continuous tone halftone art printed with polymer? I'm concerned about the
> level of detail possible. The alternative option we're considering to keep
> cost and labor low is inkjet printing.
> Any thoughts or offerings would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks in advance, Lindsey

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