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[BKARTS] Rare Book School establishes Directors Scholarship Fund

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Terry Belanger, founding Director of Rare Book School, as well as
University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special Collections at
the University of Virginia, will be stepping down from these positions
in the latter half of 2009 to ensure a strong transition in the
executive leadership of RBS. Though UVa and the RBS Board of Directors
have not yet announced the name of Belanger's successor, the search is
in its final stages, and we expect to be able to do so within the next
few weeks.

For over three decades, Belanger (fondly known by his colleagues and
students as TB) has relentlessly championed those interested in
studying and preserving rare books and printing history. In 1972, he
established at Columbia University the Book Arts Press, a
bibliographical laboratory whose purpose was to support and train
librarians, book dealers, and other students who wished to work with
rare books by putting them into direct, guided contact with printed
materials of pedagogical value. In 1983, he instituted Rare Book
School, a program of week-long courses designed to serve the
interdisciplinary needs of librarians, curators, academics,
book dealers, collectors, and others working with rare books and
printing artifacts. The school quickly attracted a most distinguished
national and international faculty, as well as a large number of
students who since have made lasting contributions to their fields.
The program moved to the University of Virginia in 1992, where it
continues to thrive. In 2005, TB was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship
for his work in "making the world a more secure place for the
irreplaceable legacy of the book." TB has been tremendously generous
with this award; over the last four years, he has given $316,000 in
cash to RBS from MacArthur and personal funds to help meet the
school's NEH Challenge Grant for a $1 million dollar endowment and to
support courses at RBS. (RBS's total annual tuition income covers less
than half of the direct cost of running the school.)

Through his hard work and generosity, TB has paved the way for the
school's continued success. The staff and faculty at RBS look forward
to welcoming RBS's next director, as well as continuing to offer
first-rate instruction for the many communities that have come to
depend on specialized courses like those offered at RBS. Last month,
seventeen long-time friends and associates of RBS sent letters to those
in the rare book community who have been especially influenced by RBS
and/or Belanger's work; the letters asked for contributions for a
Directors Scholarship Fund -- money to be spent on scholarships for
students attending RBS in the next two to three years. The money that
RBS is receiving for the fund not only recognizes TB's retirement as
RBS director, but also serves to welcome the school's next director.
Considering the current difficult economic environment, libraries and
other institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to provide
funds to educate their staff through professional development programs
like those offered by RBS. The Directors Scholarship Fund will help
ensure continued access to the specialized training that is necessary
for the custodianship and study of printing history.

We hope that the Directors Scholarship Fund will provide the resources
necessary to
continue the school's important scholarship program, and we invite you
to visit our website to learn more about its development or to make a
contribution: http://www.rarebookschool.org/belanger/

Best regards,

The full-time RBS staff:
Danielle Culpepper
Barbara Heritage
Ryan L. Roth

Barbara Heritage
Assistant Director & Curator of Collections
Rare Book School
114 Alderman Library / POB 400103
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4103

Tel:  434-924-8851
Fax: 434-924-8824

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