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Re: [BKARTS] Handmade Storybooks for Kids

Oh, hey—isn't that incredible!


On May 31, 2009, at 1:46 PM, Sushmita Mazumdar wrote:

I know that some of my storybooks I have sent to my mother in India and she
called back with tears in her voice saying "How did you remember these
stories I told you 30 yrs ago?". My uncle also, still writes back memories
he has of the goat in my storybook Bakri from their childhood.

And yes, I will learn that pop-up one day. We are waiting for me to stop
being scared of it!


on 5/31/09 4:11 PM, Carol Pratt at jcpratt@xxxxxxx wrote:

This is one lucky kid.  When he is 35, he'll tell HIS children about
things his mother taught him, and how much he knows because...

I can say that because MY kids (now in their forties) tell me about
the special life we always led, even if they didn't have the great
financial advantages some of their friends did.  And I always thought
they were somewhat less blessed, but some things they learned 30 and
35 years ago are still part of their lives.

Hold him to that pop-up.



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