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Re: [BKARTS] double-sided paste paper

Work can be done on any solid flat work surface-be it a wood, acrylic or vinyl table top covered with vinyl/plastic sheeting or another table top if you use the work surface for other things.  Let paper dry under weights until completely flat and paint the other side as you would the front side.  I use methyl cellulose paste so the paint mixture sinks in and is flat in feel without any globs of paint texture to complicate painting on the verso.  On the front or back I don't pre-wet or re-moisten the paper with water, I just start off by applying the paint/paste mixture, in a more diluted form if necessary.  The paper relaxes as the mixture is applied.  Smudging should only happen on the edges of the sheet (if careful) which can be trimmed off as suggested below.  Or the smudges may even add to the design on the front. 
Marie Kelzer, San Francisco, California  www.mariekelzerdesigns.com
On June 8, 2009  Peter Verheyen wrote:
What do you do about the paper stretching again when the paste is 
applied? Do you remoisten? What about the other side getting smudged?
This double-sided pastepaper is intriguing.

On June 8, 2009,  Susan King wrote: 

I use a piece of heavy plastic found in a fabric store. Plastic that 
comes on rolls and is measured by the yard. I put this over my work 
table and let it hang down to catch drips.

Yes, you have to let one side dry and then work on the back side. I'd 
make the original sheet large enough to cut the paper down. I imagine 
you'd get some paint on the front when you flip it over to work on the 

You might be able to use a cheap vinyl tablecloth as a work surface. 
Just buy one without texture.
Susan King
On June 8, 2009, Emily Marks wrote:
Do any of you have a good method for making double-sided paste papers? Do 
you do one side and let it dry and then the other? Any tips on what kind of 
surface to do it on?
Any advice would be welcome.

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