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Re: [BKARTS] Message archiving

I not sure how or if this would help if the archives are still intact, but
maybe it would be useful ...

I have every digest from June 2006 to the present saved.  I have SOME from
2004 & 2005 - that's all that survived the computer crashes from those

I sure hope someone capable is willing to take over the archiving.  Though
in bookmaking I am a tinkerer, I've found all the wisdom that passes through
my inbox on this list useful and incredibly inspiring.   Probably the ONLY
list I've never even considered canceling, it's also the longest running
subscription to a mail list I've had ... I think since maybe 1998?  That's a
long time of lurking, huh?

Oh well, if the digest copies are useful, let me know.  Otherwise they will
remain in my "hoarding of valuable knowledge" folder.  ;-)

Wynelle Ulrich
Perhaps artist Hans Hoffman said it best: "The ability to simplify means to
eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."   My question
is: "And how, exactly, is that done?"

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