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This was sent out by AIC
>Dear AIC Members, 

>You may have seen today’s issue of the ConsDistList, which announced the news that Stanford University Libraries can >no long support CoOL. The resources on CoOL, including the ConsDistList, have been major assets for the >conservation community over many years. 

>Press release: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2009/june17/layoffs-061709.html 

>The AIC board and key staff have met by phone conference call to discuss the implications. CoOL is an important >resource for the conservation community internationally, and it must be preserved and maintained. AIC is committed to >do all we can to ensure that CoOL is not lost. 

>AIC has benefited greatly from CoOL in many ways. Many of our internal listservs and specialty group websites, for >example, are hosted by Stanford. If you are responsible for a specialty group website, please keep in mind it can be >migrated easily to the new AIC website. Contact Brett Rodgers (brodgers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to discuss this. JAIC, >which is currently archived on the Stanford server, is also accessible online through JSTOR (www.jstor.org). AIC >leadership is assessing all its assets currently hosted by CoOL and will devote itself to ensuring a smooth transition. 

>We thank Stanford University Libraries and Walter Henry for the invaluable service they have provided for 22 years. >We are in full support of sustaining CoOL into the future. 

>- AIC Board and Staff 

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