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Re: [BKARTS] Epson printing on watercolor paper question

Has anyone on this list ever printed color images on watercolor paper? I was looking at some Arches hot pressed 140 lb paper and wondering how it would work in my 2400 Epson printer. (that paper comes in rough, cold pressed, and hot pressed.... the hot pressed being the smoothest of the three.) If you have done work with this kind of paper, I would like to talk with you a bit before I get too deep into it. Maybe you could contact me off list at jcdeason@machlinkcom Or you could respond on this list and others could learn from your experiences. Thanks.

Hi John

I regularly print with Strathmore Aquarius II, also a 140 lb. paper (close in tooth to the Arches cold pressed), on my Epson 1400 and have had pretty good success with it. No special profile for the paper, and the type is fantastic, although super-fine photographic detail does tend to drop out.

Suspect that wouldn't be a problem with a hot-pressed paper, though, and it definitely is something I have been meaning to try.

(As a side note, I've also done one print job on Fabriano Ingres, and while it served the purpose -- strictly black type -- it is definitely too rough for a detailed colour image.)

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