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Re: [BKARTS] Archival mist

I have heard of this stuff but never used it, so I did a bit of a search and came up with this page on the "Archival USA" site. I've never heard of them, but perhaps you may have over there in the States? Anyway, on their FAQ page they say that Archival Mist must be used on absorbent materials, so I'm guessing it has to permeate the paper to change the pH, not just sit on the surface.

On another website, EK Success, it says: Archival Mist® deposits a safe, non-toxic alkaline buffer into the
structure of paper that continues to work over the Life™ of paper. This
buffer material neutralizes acids that can weaken paper and cause it to
become brittle. Paper treated with Archival Mist® will last at least
five times longer than if left untreated.

Depending on your level of interest, I also found this 1 page article which talks about research into a few different "deacidification" products by the Library of Congress!

All in all it sounds like it may be worth the outlay for precious items, or for including ephemera in artworks that you plan to sell.
Good luck!

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> > I can't see this actually working. It might put a layer on this that is
> > alkaline but the acids are in the paper, not just on it, and this
> > is just a
> > cover up from what I can see. Don't think you can convert acids
> > to neutral.
> > I could be wrong.
> That was my thinking - the stress on "scrapbooking" sounds like just another
> doo-dad to appeal to an unaware public. But I'm willing to find out
> something different....
> Thanks,
> Lee

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