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Re: [BKARTS] archival mist? (WAS) ] Ephemera blog

Both products, Archival Mist and Bookkeeper, are produced by the same company, Preservation Technologies, located in Pennsylvania. I used Bookkeeper for years in my conservation work, finding it effective and reliable, as well as easy to use. As Kristine notes below, Archival Mist was developed for the general market. To me that meant it may be a somewhat weaker mix of active ingredients, or perhaps a smaller quantity in the container. Bookkeeper is pretty expensive, and the average person would not use up a full liter. The different shelf name might also be purely a marketing thing.

The chemical fluid in the product keeps the alkalinization ingredients in suspension during application, and carries them into the paper itself, where they do their work. They do not sit on the surface, although an over-application may result in some surface powdering, which can be brushed or swept off. The carrier chemical (proprietary and secret) is highly volatile and leaves the paper very quickly. I used to ventilate the odorless fumes outside, rather than allow them to remain in my workspace, since I had no idea what this "nontoxic" chemical was.

"Nontoxic" mostly means the "rat didn't die", so it's suspect as far as I'm concerned.

Carol Pratt
Eugene, OR

On Jun 17, 2009, at 6:42 AM, Kristine Aubrey wrote:

Our sister company Archival Products (www.archival.com) offers two acid
neutralizing options, Archival Mist and Bookkeeper. Archival Mist is
designed for private use. Sherri, one of our account managers uses it
on her daughter's newspaper clippings before adding them into
scrapbooks. She said that they haven't deteriorated but since her
daughter's still in high school that's not really concrete proof that it
works. You might be able to get some testing results from Archival
Products if needed.

Bookkeeper is meant for commercial use. The product was developed by
Preservation Technologies. Check out the following link for general
information on the process, testing and libraries using it. The list of
libraries includes the Library of Congress which certainly lends some


Hope this helps.

Kristine Aubrey
LBS Sales Support / Marketing
D 515-299-7406

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