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Re: [BKARTS] flattening wet paper

Layering the paper between blotters and cardboard (paper being on the
blotters) then add weight on top. Using a fan at one end and enclosing the
stack with garbage bags with the opening being taped to the fan will create
a simulated drying box. If you don't have or want the fan just make sure you
change the blotters each day so things don't stay damp.
Hope this helps.

On 6/17/09 1:49 PM, "Mary Jo Koranda" <mkoranda@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've looked at 2 articles which speak to the advantage of washing prior
> to deacidifying. That washing in an alcohol/water bath removes the acid
> (or some of it) and then the de-acidification spray adds buffers.
> Neither article, nor anything I can find in the Book List archives
> (perhaps searched badly) speaks to how to flatten the paper afterward.
> Does the wash (20% alcohol), prevent mold if stacked and pressed?
> Ironing?  I'd be grateful for any advice, suggestions, links to articles.
> Thanks.

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