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Re: [BKARTS] flattening wet paper

The advice given by Carol Pratt and Alisa Fox was good for an
average sheet of paper, in average condition, for a given value
of 'average.'

General directions are not prescriptive; they are guidelines which
are adjusted according to the particular paper being considered for

You did not describe the paper which you plan to wash and deacidify,
nor the method or deacidificant you are thinking about using.

Does the paper have print (type) only, or is there a print on the
paper?  Is it coated or loaded paper? (Neither of which should be

Is the paper in question your private property, or does it belong
to the law library?

Just a few of the questions which come to mind.



>I've looked at 2 articles which speak to the advantage of washing prior
>to deacidifying. That washing in an alcohol/water bath removes the acid
>(or some of it) and then the de-acidification spray adds buffers.
>Neither article, nor anything I can find in the Book List archives
>(perhaps searched badly) speaks to how to flatten the paper afterward.
>Does the wash (20% alcohol), prevent mold if stacked and pressed?
>Ironing?  I'd be grateful for any advice, suggestions, links to articles.
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>mkoranda@xxxxxxxx	   http://library.law.wisc.edu

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