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Re: [BKARTS] Question for university professors: career advice


Before you spend money for yet more schooling, consider networking your bookbinding skills in your area. You may find arts and craft guilds that need folks to teach seminars in bookbinding, etc. I know of two fairly local bookbinders that teach from their studios and always seem to have students. In any event, do an return on investment with regard to additional schooling and know up front what you would be able to make with an additional degree. I know of one individual who has amassed student loans to the tune of eighty thousand dollars in obtaining an undergrad degree and masters in paper conservation. He graduated this past year and he has been told that the best he can do is 25 - 30 thousand a year working for a museum if any are hiring. As for me, I am learning bookbinding from an individual and not a school.


I’m 36 years old, I just had my first baby and am thinking

I’m 36 years old, I just had my first baby and am thinking
about what I will do once my kids are in school. I have a degree in Environmental
Science and have had my own bookbinding business for most of my career (since
1996). While I enjoy working alone
in my studio, I’d really like the opportunity to work in a more social
environment. I’ve always thought
of going back to school and getting my masters in something science related. I’ve
also thought of teaching bookbinding on a college level. I wondered if I chose
to pursue the latter what educational background I’d need. I live north of Boston so The
North Bennett St. School would be an option. Would I also need a degree in
education or an art degree? Any
feedback/suggestions on pursuing a career in a college/university would be very
much appreciated!

Deborah V. Thompson Plum Island, MA 01950

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