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[BKARTS] 4th Biennale of Book in France in 2011

Hello all,

Chantal and Paul Leibenguth from the association Am'Arts are organizing their 4th Biennale on Artist Book and Book Art.

Below you will find some info, if you wish to learn more about it or if you wish to participate, feel free to email me (I will be their translator !)

Best Regards,

Sophie Blachet


If you wish to participate to the 4th Biennale of Artist’s books and Book Art, « Délires de Livres » organized in spring 2011, you must send your pre-registration form first. This first step will help us quantify how many artists wish to exhibit, moreover it will give you time before sending your definitive registration form and fees.

For each Biennale, we prefer the artist to respect a theme, for 2011 it will be:

Blue, Black and/or White

(All combinations of those colors are accepted)

Some information on the association and Biennale:

- Am-Arts has been founded and is composed by Chantal et Paul Leibenguth. She has little subsidies in order to be free regarding the choices. We are not professional organizers but we are doing our best to present a high quality Biennale. Of course, we care about the artists, so feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

- We are accepting non-pro artists and we are offering to the foundation and association of handicapped person to participate to the Biennale.

- The definitive registration plus the Biennale’s rules, including the exact date, will be sent beginning of 2010.

- Fees are 35 € (to be paid when you will send your definitive registration).

- The association Am-Arts can refuse any entry because 1) a piece will not be a book art or artist’s book, 2) the artist does not respect the theme, 3) the pieces will have been created before 2009, 4) the ones we feel to fragile or of bad quality, or 5) the ones to close to sculpture.

- A maximum of 3 books can be exhibited.

- A catalogue will be published and offered to each artist.

- The shipping fees, taxes and customs, both ways, will be at the charge of the artist.

- Possibility to hang a maximum of 10 pieces.

Pre-order your GBW "Marking Time" exhibition catalog before August 1, 2009
to save $5 off the $35 regular price. For more information see:
NOW ONLINE, Volume 5, No. 2, Spring 2009 of The Bonefolder
For all your subscription questions, go to the Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information.

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