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[BKARTS] Jessica Spring in July at 23 Sandy Gallery


PORTLAND — 23 Sandy is pleased to present *The Horse Show*, an installation
launching a new limited-edition artist book by Tacoma-based artist, Jessica

“Look back on our struggle for freedom, trace our present day strength to
its source, and you’ll find that man’s pathway to glory is strewn with the
bones of a horse.”

—Author unknown

There is something utterly compelling about a horse, a creature whose
history is so intertwined with the human. Our ancestors relied on this beast
of burden for transportation, warfare and sustenance. Sacrificed in the Rig
Veda, glorified in the Koran, and captured in cave paintings, horses have
left an indelible hoof print on our collective consciousness.

Despite our rich history together, horses have become primarily a source of
entertainment. Molded in plastic to collect, bred and raised for racing
careers, or relegated to pulling carriages in the midst of city traffic,
their power was supplanted by that of the engine.

*Horse Power*, an artist book letterpress printed on handmade horsehair
paper, traces the history of this majestic animal through domestication and
popular culture. Words and phrases in the English language are explored as
well, revealing their horsy origins. The artist book on display alludes to
the Trojan horse, bound and hidden between halves of a 20-inch tall model
horse, part of an installation portraying the human/equine connection
through vintage photographs and ephemera.

Jessica Spring is the proprietor of Springtide Press in Tacoma, Washington
where she designs, prints and binds unique artist books, broadsides and
ephemera incorporating handmade paper and letterpress printing. Small,
finely crafted editions consider historical topics and popular culture from
a unique perspective. Jessica was the sort of girl that shunned dolls for
stuffed animals, and attended Camp Watervliet, a ranch camp in Michigan. She
really wanted to be one of the horse keepers, but after two summers only
progressed from sheep to goat care.

Jessica has an MFA from Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper
Arts and teaches at Pacific Lutheran University and the School of Visual
Concepts in Seattle.

Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday, Noon to 6:00 p.m.


Laura Russell

23 Sandy Gallery

623 NE 23rd Avenue

Portland, OR 97232

Phone: 503-927-4409

Email: laura@xxxxxxxxxxx

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